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10. 4. 2016  |  Helicross


Check our new product Helicross on our youtube chanel.


More than fifteen years, we produce, sell and service a special woodworking tools and tooling systems for wood, plastic and metal.

In addition to standard tools we develop and manufacture special tools, in particular, according to the specific customer needs. Except for those products we provide to these customers a complex of related services such as sharpening, repair, modification and overhaul.


We are convinced that the way to precision products need to fulfill several conditions: selection of the highest quality materials; inter alia, it is necessary to use cutting-edge manufacturing, control and testing equipment and to take full advantage of knowledge, experiences and the potential of our employees.

The Caters of own factory, a professional approach and ideas from paper into the production are exactly what our customers appreciate at the most. But we know that there is something more important: the development of a special tool is a process that requires close cooperation and great confidence.


Thank you for this confidence.




We provide sharpening, repair, overhaul and re-coating of our own tools or from the other manufacturers.

A complete overhaul is a set of technological operations on extremely precise machinery and, as a result, we guarantee that all of these refurbished instruments will have the right performance corresponding to the new tool. It is possible to solve the regular collection and subsequent distribution of the tools to the service.

Service offer

• Grinding of profile knives into the universal and safety heads

• Grinding of profile knives with a clamping system POWERLOCK

• Tool setting and adjustment of tool sets

• Balancing of tools and rotating machine parts

• Cooperation on CNC machines

• 3D measurement on 3D coordinate measuring machine

• Turning and milling of titanium alloys

Vydona Maintenance

• Sharpening of woodworking and metalworking tools (plug milling cutters, saw blades, end mills, monolithic HW and HS end milling tools staffed by polycrystalline inserts)

• Sharpening of the planer knives

• Sharpening and lapping of HW profiled inserts

• Coating


Address of the establishment and contacts:

VYDONA s. r. o. / VYDONA Inc.

Pravčice 244

768 24 Hulín

Czech Republic



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(+420) 573 301 360


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Technical Department:

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E-mail: info@vydona.cz

Billing informations:

VYDONA s.r.o. / VYDONA Inc.

Novosady 1501

769 01 Holešov

Czech Republic


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The Bank: KB Kroměříž, Account Number 8314010267

The company is registered at the Regional Commercial Court in Brno, Section C, File 28634